Well here we are, north bound and half way home. From the narrow channels and scenic beauty of Canada to port calls in Seattle, Bellingham, and Victoria, B.C., it’s been quite an interesting patrol. For those with children and/or wives in Valdez, as well as those of us who owe the small woodland creatures of Alaska a visit and a shotgun shell or two, we’re all ready to be home. We were slowed, but not stopped, by an implausible amount of mid-channel timber near the U.S./Canadian border, but a few bumps and bruises aside, we were able to push on, thanks to some expert ship handling. So keep your fingers crossed, and hopefully we’ll be there soon. That way we can pillage and plunder on our own turf as opposed to someone else’s. Until then, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, and always remember to pillage before you burn.
BM3 McClellan