>Adventures on the Haul Road

>On Saturday, we left Fairbanks and headed North. The group stopped at Hilltop trucker’s stop for a quick brunch. Yummy heaping portions of homecooked food and pies to die for (and also the last full service resturant on the haul road before the Yukon).

After saying goodbye to family and friends at Hilltop, the group (now down to the Yukon team members and the Robinson family RV as a support vehicle) started the three hour drive on the gravel haul road.

Then…..the casualties….

First, Ray’s truck died on the side of the road due to fuel system problems.

Dean was able to tow him out of the road and out of the way of fast paced truckers.

Luckily we had a SAT phone (no cell reception) and were able to call a tow truck. While we waited the four hours it would take them to get there, we decided to eat dinner, visit in the RV, and Dean even took a nap!

Delayed at the way station, the original tow truck company called their buddies, “Dirty Deeds Towing Company” to come tow Ray’s truck back to Fairbanks. Priceless.
And then, we hit to road again!