>Coast Guard Cutter Healy Arctic West Summer 2010 Update


Science stations are in full swing now. We have been launching the ASB (Arctic Survey Boat) and conducting rounds of optical and water column distribution tests. One of the frequently conducted tests is a CTD, which stands for and measures Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth of a water column. We’ve also been completing Van Veen grabs, or taking samples of the bottom. The crew and the scientists alike have been putting in long hours to get these science stations completed and collect ample amounts of data; the small boat crew for the ASB and the Marine Safety Technicians have had some long days, but so far, we’ve been lucky with the weather, and we’ve been collecting good data.

ME2 Siciak and MK1 Myers assist NASA scientists with the deployment of their equipment on the ASBWe conducted our first on-ice science station on Tuesday. Scientists were escorted onto the ice by BM3 Kimmel and IT1 Uribarri, two of our crewmembers trained in ice rescue. The scientists obtained core samples of the ice, as well as salinity and temperature readings. Since then, we’ve completed a second on-ice station, and we’re completing a third as I write this. We just reached the polar ice cap this morning, and we’ll be breaking through it for several days, conducting more stations. We also had our first polar bear sighting this morning!

When not engaged in science operations, the crew maintains morale with Saturday night bingo games, movies in the hangar, and a 3v3 basketball tournament (congrats to SK1 Morgan, EM3 Logan, and IT1 Uribarri, the champions). The Chiefs’ Mess cooked an awesome pasta dinner last Saturday, and the First Class Petty Officers are cooking this weekend. An all new mustache growing competition officially kicks off tomorrow, and there are rumors of a Wii Rockband contest in the near future. Also this week, we recognized SK2 Griffin as HEALY’s Sailor of the Quarter.

Cheers from the Great White North,

ENS Emily Kehrt
Public Affairs Officer

1/c Cadet Courtney Elder
Assistant Public Affairs Officer

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