>Coast Guard Valdez has its own Exchange!


May 28 marked the official opening of Coast Guard Valdez Satellite Exchange.  The ribbon cutting ceremony was held with attendees from all five Coast Coast Units in Valdez as well as representatives from the Coast Guard Reserves and Coast Guard retired personnel.  The Coast Guard Satellite Exchange provides Coast Guard members and their families with a resource for purchasing tax free goods – a privilege regularly enjoyed by Coast Guard units in larger population areas such as Kodiak, Anchorage and Juneau.
The exchange is open during set hours three days a week and is manned by personnel from each of the five units that comprise Coast Guard Forces Valdez.  Active duty personnel, military dependents, reservists, retirees and civil service employees may shop at the Coast Guard Valdez Satellite Exchange.
Brazo Zulu to all of those who worked hard to get an exchange in Valdez!