>Koyukuk (Friday 11 June)


As we left Kaltag, the clouds in the sky darkened and the rain began. Luckily, by the time we arrived in camp, it cleared long enough for us to eat our meal of pulled pork, rice, and corn on the cob around the campfire. When the rain began again, everyone decided it was about time to hit the hay and get a good nights rest.

Waking to a damp drizzle in the morning, we donned our rain gear, broke down camp, and hit the road. Headed back upriver, we stopped by Nulatto where Paul from the Tribal Council and Larry, the old village VPSO, was gracious enough to lend their trucks to help us refuel the boats.

On the river again, the rain parted enough for us to get a glimpse of the sun as we arrived in Koyukuk to Cynthia Pilot, Tribal Administrator, and a group of children waiting for us on the bank of the river. Cynthia was kind enough to bring us the city’s truck to transport Coastie up to the Hall where the boys and girls learned lots about wearing life jackets, hypothermia, and ice safety on the river. You could hear the kids all over the village tooting their Coastie whistles!

After our presentation, Cynthia Pilot allowed us to use the Internet in the Tribal Office. Thanks Cynthia!

Barbara Fleming, the Koyukuk city manager, graciously supplied our group with showers and laundry facilities, drove us back and forth from the boats to the facilities, and even took us by the store! Thanks Barbara!

Headed upriver….Next stop, Ruby!!