>Our Coastie Operators

>The Terencios have been involved with the USCG Auxiliary for 19 years and are members of the Anchorage Flotilla. Dean is an Alaska native, born and raised in Juneau and is a qualified Auxiliary coxswain. Nanci came to Alaska when she was knee high to a totem pole in 1959 when Alaska became a state, and is a qualified Auxiliary boat crew member. One of their shared passions is promoting boater safety through public education . Their village outreach began in the mid 90’s with a program called BERT (boating education response team), which was a partnership between the Auxiliary and villages requesting boating and water safety programs. Their combined efforts span the length and breath of Alaska from Eagle to St. Paul and Barrow to Ketchikan. The Yukon Coastie mission is the 15th village outreach project that they have particpated in. Dean and Nanci hold the distinction of teaching the farthest North boating public education course when they visited Barrow in 2008. Their philosophy is “If our message saves one life, we will have fulfilled our purpose”. Of special note, Dean enjoys the tradition of sticking his foot in each body of water he visits.