>Yukon Bridge (Sunday June 7th)

>After a great breakfast of french toast and sausage, we packed up our camping gear and headed to the boat launch for fuel and final underway preparations. Marie saved the day by bringing us a pre-cut piece of plexiglass to repair the broken boat windshield!

The Air National Guard flew Admiral Colvin (USCG District 17 Commander – Commander of all Coast Guard forces in Alaska) in to the helicopter landing site next to the river. Amazingly, they heard about our broken windshield as well (thanks to LTJG Kelly Hansen), and brought us a large piece of plexiglass to help with repairs! Thanks for the support.
Admiral was able to begin the Yukon trip with us, riding to Stevens Village, where the ANG picked him up and flew back to Anchorage.
Here’s how the morning went…
Launched the boats…

Ray Miller, Nick Grimaldi, Admiral Colvin

Admiral set the “Coastie” flag and declared the trip officially begun once all three boats had made it to the water.

Packed the boats…

Admiral Colvin assisted by tending lines!

Loaded Coastie…

Underway at last!!

Stevens Village or bust!