>Coast Guard Cutter Healy Arctic West Summer 2010 Update

>Dear Family and Friends,

Crewmembers and scientists play football during last week’s ice liberty.This past week, we continued to break through ice and conduct on-ice science stations. The full on-ice stations consist of taking ice core samples, light penetration and reflection readings, and surface samples. Don Perovich, a lead scientist for the on-ice science stations, explained that the overarching goals of all of these samples, tests and data gathering is to understand the distribution of sunlight leading to the bio-geochemical properties of the ice. For a more in-depth explanation of the scientific goals of our daily ice-stations, check out: http://coastguard.dodlive.mil/index.php/2010/07/cgc-healy-science-on-ice/

SK1 Morgan, BM1 Glenzer, and FS1 Carter show off their Sounders pride.Following an on-ice station last week, the crew was granted ice liberty for a few hours. Approximately 80 people piled onto the ice floe to participate in football, Frisbee, soccer and picture- taking. The Morale Committee provided sodas and candy bars. Thanks to the folks who helped make this possible by standing Polar Bear watches, maintaining accountability reports as people climbed on and off the ice, and standing by as rescue swimmers.

We departed the ice, and we approached the coast of Point Barrow, Alaska. Healy sat approximately 5 miles from the coast and conducted flight operations with a local, civilian helicopter, in order to switch out some of the members of the science party. Flight ops provided a little morale to the crew because the close proximity to land provided cell phone service to some of the folks onboard.

The morale committee has made plans for the upcoming 4th of July weekend, and the science party has volunteered to cook the morale meal on Saturday. Plans are also in place for the upcoming initiation ceremony for the Blue Nose Polar Bears on board.

Until next time,

ENS Emily Kehrt
Public Affairs Officer

1/c Cadet Courtney Elder
Assistant Public Affairs Officer

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