>World Eskimo-Indian Olympics

>Opening ceremonies of the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics (WEIO) was held in Fairbanks July 21, 2010.  Several Coast Guard members from around the District attended including Rear Adm. Christopher C. Colvin.  WEIO is a four-day event where native athletes compete in a series of native sports intended to demonstrate skill, strength, agility and endurance.  The festivities also include dance performances, crafts and the Miss WEIO pageant.

The Race of the Torch male and female winners march the torch into the Carlson Center to begin the WEIO games July 21, 2010 while Coast Guard members stand at parad rest in the backround. 


Rear Adm. Christopher C. Colvin participates as a holder for the Women’s Blanket Toss (nalukataq) competition July 21, 2010.  With a coordinated effort, contestants can jump up to 30-feet high.

A finalist participates in the one-hand reach game which requires the athlete to balance on her hands with at least one elbow tucked under the lower abdominal area and the rest of the body is parallel to the floor. The participant will then use one hand to reach up and touch the suspended target.