>CG Forces Valdez Coast Guard Day


Members of the multiple commands found in Valdez, Alaska and their families had a chance to meet together for Coast Guard Day on Wednesday, August 4th. Setting up shop on the municipal park strip, volunteers rolled out the barbeques and started the fires. The smoke and flames were signs of good things to come.

Children and puppies alike had a chance to play in the park and the weather cooperated for everyone. Valdez has had a wet summer this year and it was good to see a break in the pattern. The local Port Valdez Silver salmon run is going strong and the fresh fish was a welcome addition to the grill. Plenty of salmon, hamburgers and hotdogs were available to all comers.

Coast Guard Day, August 4, 2010, marks the 220th anniversary of the Coast Guard this year, with its roots in service to the country. The organization was originally established by the Treasury Department in 1790 as the Revenue Marine, later renamed the Revenue Cutter Service. Members of the Coast Guard in Valdez provide security for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline Terminal, monitor vessel traffic operating into Prince William Sound and promote marine safety efforts throughout the region.

It was great to see the participation and volunteer effort put into the gathering. Everyone enjoyed this opportunity for fellowship. Happy Birthday to the Coast Guard!