>As a history major while in college, I was quite excited to hear that the Munro might actually be making a port call in Nome, Alaska. Although I enjoy the WW-II era history of our most frequent of port calls – Dutch Harbor, I was much more excited about the possibility of visiting Nome. Being a huge fan of America's "Old West", I was excited to visit the very same place that for a time Wyatt Earp himself had resided as well as seeing its unique place in the Alaska gold rush of the 1900's.

However before I would embark on a quick visit to Nome, I, along with the rest of Munro's Deck Force, had a date with the ACON ladder. After a laborious time of moving, lifting, and yelling, the ACON ladder was finally setup and the Munro crew could disembark and hitch a ride on our small boats to head ashore.

When it was my turn to go, I was equally excited about Nome as well as my first ride on the small boat. After hoping on, I enjoyed an exciting ride from the Munro to the pier . After disembarking and heading towards town, I could instantly see Nome's unique history in front of me. In this case, it was in the form of a large gold pan, welcoming me to the city. After taking a few pictures of the pan, as well as a few others of some other neat historical markers nearby, I along with a few of my shipmates headed onto the main strip (or road) of Nome.

That is where Nome's true uniqueness came out. Lined up all along the street were gift shops, Old-West style saloons, and even an Old-West style hotel. As we made our way down the main drag, we made the required gift shop purchases, spending money left and right for souvenirs for family and friends back home.

We also made a stop into the Nome Visitor Bureau were we saw many displays dedicated not only to Nome's gold history, but the large Inupiat population and culture that resides in Nome. After taking many pictures of Nome and its history it was time to head back. Although disappointed in the briefness of the port call, it was still enjoyable nonetheless. With any luck, the Munro might just swing by again on another ALPAT down the road.

SN Alexander Sohn