>ESU Kodiak Wins B Division, the Toughest Division, in the 2009-2010 USCG Kodiak Area Captain’s Cup


Actor Gary Sinise with ESU Kodiak, Second from Left, Middle Row (Photo by IT2 Cole, ESU Kodiak)
ESU Kodiak has a great reputation for its technical skills, customer service, community outreach, and fish fry’s across Alaska, at least that’s the rumor.  In fact, Actor Gary Sinise of CSI: NY, Apollo 13, and Forest Gump fame recently paid the ESU a visit to validate at least one of those rumors during ESU’s annual Silver Salmon Derby, post derby fish fry.  Actor Sinise honored the derby winner, IT3 Jon Kelsey, who pulled in a 32 incher from the Buskin River, narrowly beating out ET1 Joe “Pop-a-Top” Lee, by 1/16 an inch.  Actor Sinise and his LT Dan Band were on loan to the Kodiak Commands and their dependents for an evening of entertainment this fall, courtesy of the USO and TriWest Healthcare Alliance. 
Back to the ‘reputation’ theme, ESU Kodiak can now include movie star hosting, and more to the point, elite athleticism, to their repertoire.  ESU Kodiak won the B Division in the Kodiak Captain’s Cup challenge for the 2009-2010 season, concluding over Kodiak’s 2010 Coast Day celebrations.  The Captain’s Cup is a year-long competition amongst 16 Coast Guard and Navy units, military and civilian, aka “Team Kodiak”, and their dependents.  The Captain’s Cup challenge comprises over 20 athletic events. 
ESU Kodiak, led by Commanding Officer CDR Lane D. Johnson, and crew of ~30 in Kodiak proper, won their division over arch rival COMMSTA Kodiak, and placed second overall just behind Base Support Unit Kodiak of the A Division, with over 150 personnel, and ahead of AIRSTA Kodiak, home to over 300 personnel, also of the A Division.  The rivalry between the ESU and the COMMSTA is longstanding with a rather natural element on the professional side as the units work closely with one another from day to day.  The Commanding Officers (CDR’s Johnson and Van Ness) embrace rivalry and seem to enjoy kicking it up a notch with friendly public sparing and their mutual interests to inspire competitive, team-oriented events amongst their crews.

The Captain’s Cup challenge, run by PSSU Kodiak’s MWR program, is strongly supported by all CO’s, OinC’s, and Detachment Supervisors of Team Kodiak, plays an integral role in cross-unit cohesion, competitive spirit building, health and fitness, balancing of work-life, and promoting workforce wellbeing to help spirits remain right-side up when the sun goes down hard for the winter, and the weather goes south and sour before the lower 48 see the leaves on the ground.  A special “thank you” from Team Kodiak goes out to Ms. Rachel Dyer, MWR Athletic Coordinator, for her extraordinary compassion in orchestrating the Captain’s Cup events.