Maple’s Winter Season

Sitka from the bridge of the Maple

SITKA, Alaska - The Coast Guard Cutter Maple transits through Sitka Spring 2011. Maple's crew provides aids to navigation support throughout Southeast Alaska. U.S Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Mitchel Frick.

Winter seems to be coming to a close as we get closer to those warm summer months, and of course by that I mean anywhere above 50 degrees. The sun has been shining a significant amount this winter, which has made for some gorgeous, mountain filled views. As the holiday season came around, things seemed to follow a more consistent schedule to make up for the busy fall season where many trips were very close together. The crew received some much needed rest throughout the holidays and was refreshed and ready to dive into the New Year.Maple has had a very productive winter season along the inside passage, successfully completing two underway trips so far this year. The first trip in January was very very busy as the crew serviced about 15 aids, including four buoys. We’ve been playing “catch up” on primary aids after our trip to the lower 48 back in September. This past trip was fairly short as we traveled to Ketchikan, AK to deliver the Coast Guard’s new utility boat to the CGC Anthony Petit. Poor weather prohibited the crew from conducting any further training on the new boat, but they tested it out in Sitka prior to giving it up to the Anthony Petit. Maple did service some aids to and from Ketchikan and set one buoy. The Chief’s Mess took the galley into their own hands one night during the trip and cooked a delicious seafood dinner for the entire crew.

Maple underway in Neva Strait

SITKA, Alaska - The Sitka-based Coast Guard Cutter Maple was observed underway in Neva Strait by the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Anacapa Spring 2011. The Maple is a 225-foot sea going bouytender while the Anacapa is a 110-foot island class patrol boat. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Brandon Thomas.

As warmer weather approaches, the days keep getting longer and longer. The snow continues to light up the mountains, making Sitka look spectacular. Fishermen from all over are now in Sitka Harbor awaiting the hopefully promising herring run. Soon the harbor will be filled with fishing boats practically on top of each other circling their nets around to gather as many herring as possible. Overall, the last few months have been very productive and successful. Things can only get better as weather continues to improve and the crew keeps their optimistic attitude and love for job.Some creative Maplemates wrote the below New Year’s log entry as it is tradition to write it in verse. New Year’s Log Entry (Written to the music of Tik Tok by Ke$ha): Wake up in the mornin’ feelin like P. Diddy blouse my pants I’m out the door gonna hit this duty. Before I leave brush my teeth with a bottle of coke too much clutter for a cutter this ain’t no joke. I’m talkin’ sewage through a hose hose. Voltage and H2O-O. Buoys blowin’ up our phones phones. Moored up not lettin’ us play our CD’s. Wishin’ I was at a party, startin’ to get a lil’ bit drowseeey. Don’t stop EM shop, beacons glow 3-sixty all night. Burnin’ bright til’ we see the sunlight. Bitts, chock on the dock, but the watch don’t stop set Yo’o’o’o’oke, Yo’o’o’o’oke. Don’t care it’s B-24 cuz’ I’m already here, Juneau has AD and OPCON bringin’ in the New Year. And now the dudes are draggin’ on and I’m startin’ to stagger. CDO’s getting’ tired because he looks like McJagger. This watch I’m startin’ to hate hate. Relief better not be late late. Gonna smack him if he makes me wait wait. Now now I’m ‘bout to rack out out til’ libo comes around-round. Libo comes around-round. Libo comes aro…

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