Deck Watch learns how to be prepared


The State of Alaska Dept. of Homeland Security and Emergency Managment provides the above website as a resource for individuals and families to learn what they need to be prepared for disasters and emergencies.


This week Deck Watch sat down with Fire Chief Bob Himes of Kodiak’s Bayside Fire Department and Amiee Kinazowski, Kodiak’s city manager, to discuss disaster preparedness in Kodiak and statewide. This is national preparedness month. Find out what you can do to be prepared by listening to Deck Watch and or click here to be redirected to the State of Alaska emergency preparedness website.

A Several Juneau area Coast Guard Commands and the Coast Guard Auxiliary have joined the City of Juneau, state, federal, and several non-profit organizations in sponsoring a Juneau Area-Wide Disaster Preparedness Expo.

The Disaster Preparedness Expo is scheduled for Friday, Sept. 23, from noon to 4 p.m., and Saturday, Sept. 24, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Centennial Hall. It is free and designed to allow participants flexibility to come and go as their schedules permit. It is a compilation of several ongoing events:

1. Vendor displays staffed with specialists and materials on various disaster planning subjects.
2. Preparedness products available for purchase.
3. Displays of historical photographs and news articles of Alaska disasters including avalanche threats.
4. Slideshows and films of the “Good Friday Earthquake,” Juneau avalanches/disasters, and NOAA weather disaster preparedness.
5. Special preparedness seminars and training sessions in small conference rooms.

Please take time during the next few weeks to:

1. Prepare a kit of emergency supplies for your family.
2. Plan in advance what you and your family will do in an emergency.
3. Learn about the threats in Juneau and how best to respond to them.
4. Get involved in your own safety (first aid training, attending this seminar, community preparedness, etc.).

Remember, readiness starts at home. Semper Paratus!

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