Winter weather greets the arrival of Coast Guard Cutter Healy to Seward

SEWARD, Alaska – Coast Guard line handlers battled fierce winds while waiting as the Seattle-based Coast Guard Cutter Healy arrives in Seward Nov. 1, 2011. The winds and a delay in an assistance tug postponed the arrival of the cutter crew for their seven-day port call in Seward. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 1st Class David Mosley

The Coast Guard Cutter Healy crew and Coast Guard line handlers on the pier battled fierce winds blowing snow like a sand blaster across the Seward Harbor as the Seattle-based 420-foot icebreaker, pulled into Seward, Alaska Nov. 1, 2011, as part of a crew break from their Arctic science missions in the waters north of Alaska. 

The winds and a delay in an assistance tug postponed the arrival of the cutter until noon, three hours later than planned. The delay in the arrival resulted in some of the Healy crewmembers missing their flights home as they had taken leave during the ships 7-day stop in Seward.

The Seward port call is a patrol break for the crew and provides an opportunity for some much needed maintenance to be preformed upon the ship.  Crewmembers from the Seattle-based Coast Guard Navel Engineering Support Unit flew to Alaska to perform needed maintenance and the local Seward shipyard is conducting some needed welding on the cutter.

“This has been a long, continuous patrol this summer, broken up with the occasional port call in Dutch Harbor and even an earlier visit to Seward.  This seven day break is a good opportunity for the crew to take a breather from being underway, as well as getting much needed maintenance taken care of,” said Capt. Beverly Havlik, commanding officer of the Healy.

After the Seward port call, the Healy crew will be headed north for the fourth time this Arctic season.  They will help support fall Arctic science experiments over the next two months with an anticipated return home to Seattle just before the Christmas holiday.

“The crew while excited about the Seward port call are even more jazzed about the news that we should be home just before the holidays,” said Havlik.

The Healy crew left Seattle in May and has completed three Arctic missions this summer.  Their summer efforts have supported scientific missions all across the Arctic Ocean, from the Bering Sea in the west, to less than a hundred miles south of the North Pole, to the Canadian Arctic Archipelago in the east.  The crew and scientist aboard have been collecting ice and water samples and working in cooperation with the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Louis St-Laurent in conducting mapping of the Arctic Ocean floor.

While this year’s missions are yet to be completed, the crew is already looking towards next year’s missions, anticipating an arrival off of the community of Barrow in July 2012.

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