Coast Guard Cutter Munro provides service at sea and on shore

Unalaska City High School

Courtesy Unalaska School District

By Lt. j.g. Jacob Hauser

Nearly a dozen crew members from the Coast Guard Cutter Munro turned out on Jan. 24 to help with projects at Unalaska City High School and Eagle’s View Elementary School, near the port of Dutch Harbor.

Volunteers began work shortly after sunrise conducting clean ups on school grounds, completing deferred maintenance on computer lab systems and installing two basketball scoreboards for the enjoyment of Dutch Harbor’s community sports fans.

The event was arranged by Senior Chief Petty Officer Sean Twiggs of Munro’s engineering department, and Mr. John Conwell, Unalaska’s Superintendant of Schools. Conwell personally attended the event to help and to thank Coast Guard volunteers for spending their time on shore in service to the community. Everyone at the event was further thanked by the city with a generous pizza lunch, enjoyed by all before work continued into the afternoon.

“We were all astonished by the efficiency and teamwork exhibited by this group of men and women,” said Mr. Conwell in a letter of appreciation to Munro’s Commanding Officer Capt. Mark A. Cawthorn. “Your crewmembers were polite, courteous and they are wonderful representatives of the Munro and the Coast Guard.”

The crew of Munro has a tradition of getting involved with communities wherever they sail and they will be back to Dutch Harbor before their patrol ends.

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