Know Your 17th District: Enforcement

Click thubmnail to view video.

Click thubmnail to view video.

The state of Alaska is a hotbed of maritime commerce. From the staggeringly large fishing industry to the vital export of petroleum to the growing tourism business, people all around the world rely on and enjoy the bounty that the Last Frontier has to offer.

Along with various other federal, state and local partners, it is the Coast Guard 17th District enforcement department that oversees efforts to keep passengers and terminals safe and protect living marine resources in the vast region. The enforcement staff at 17th District headquarters in Juneau, Alaska, deploys operational units throughout the state and specializes in the laws that apply to maritime commerce in Alaska.

“We have a number of different missions that we run in Alaska,” said Cmdr. Chris Barrows, deputy chief of enforcement, 17th District. “Those include domestic fisheries enforcement, international fisheries enforcement and ports, waterways and coastal security.”

Whether it is the creatures of the sea or the passengers on a cruise ship, the enforcement division works with international, federal, state and local partners to provide safety and security.

Watch the video to hear the enforcement staff talk about their work in Alaska!

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