Coast Guard Cutter SPAR conducts winter patrol

Coast Guard Cutter SPAR at Base Kodiak, Alaska dock.

During a recent winter patrol, the Coast Guard Cutter SPAR crew stayed busy. We’d like to take you on their recent voyage around Kodiak Island.

Coast Guard Cutter SPAR crewmembers conducted a burial at sea near Kodiak, Alaska. Petty Officer 1st Class Kevin Spratt carried his grandfather’s urn and laid him to rest in the Gulf of Alaska.

Petty Officer 1st Class Kevin Spratt lays his grandfather to rest in Marmot Bay, Kodiak, Alaska.

They also conducted law enforcement boardings in Marmot Bay, near Kodiak, Alaska. The boarding team partnered with a NOAA law enforcement official for the boardings. Safety and fishery inspections on commercial fishing vessels are vital to SPAR crewmember life on Alaskan waters.

A SPAR small boat crew and boarding team conduct law enforcement patrols.

They prepared for the annual Tailored Ship’s Training Availability test which is a set of drills, inspections and exercises, administered by the Navy, to assess the readiness of the ship’s crew. Crewmembers practiced manually plotting on a paper chart to determine the SPAR’s location while moored in Kodiak, Alaska.

SPAR crewmembers prepare for TSTA.

Every Thursday, SPAR crewmembers take a 10 a.m. soup break to warm up from the frigid Alaska temperatures. In honor of National Chili Day, they decided to swap the soup for chili! Petty Officer 1st Class Ken Nelson, a culinary specialist, whipped up a sweet potato, black bean, and quinoa chili for the crew to keep them warm!

A SPAR crewmember gets ready to eat on National Chili Day.

Last but most certainly not least, Aids to Navigation is a huge part of SPAR crewmember life. Buoys must be maintained every two to three years to ensure safe passage of vessels. No matter the weather, these women and men ensure that this dirty job is done, and it is done well.  Thank you Coast Guard Cutter SPAR crewmembers for your devotion to duty!


SPAR crewmembers maintain a buoy near Kodiak Island, Alaska.


To view the recipe Petty Officer 1st Class Ken Nelson used on National Chili Day, click on the image below.



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