Capt. Sam Jordan, commanding officer of Coast Guard Cutter Munro (WHEC-724), completes the 41st Marine Corps Marathon last month.

Coast Guard captain runs Marine Corps Marathon

Capt. Sam Jordan completed the 41st Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday Oct. 30, 2016 . He averaged 14-minute miles and came in with a finishing time of just over six hours. An incredible feat for someone that has spent over 115 days at sea since January 1st.

Coast Guard smallboat crews train for hot pursuit in Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Small boat pursuit training allows the coxswain and crew members of a small boat to work together in a close quarters situation with another boat at high speeds where extreme precision and teamwork are crucial. This simulates a vessel that is not following a lawful order to stop and trains the crew members in tactics to pursue and stop the vessel. Smallboat crews from the Munro spent time in the classroom before taking their smallboats in the water around Dutch Harbor to gain valuable hands-on experience.

Happy New Years from the Coast Guard Cutter Munro!

Ringing in the New Year with a Rhyme 2015

On New Year’s Eve the midnight log entry at a Coast Guard unit takes on a life of its own and is traditionally written as a poem. Below is a poem from Seaman Mark Logan aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Munro, a 378-foot cutter homeported in Kodiak, Alaska.

Senior Chief Petty Officer (Ret.) Willy Bethea poses for a photo aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Munro. Beathea served 28 years in the Coast Guard before retiring in Kodiak, Alaska.

Veterans Day 2015: SCPO (Ret.) Willy Bethea

We are very rare breed of people, that’s something that I’ve really learned about people in the military. We do whatever we have to do as a team.”

The crews of the Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley and Republic of Korea vessel Sam-Bong conduct a search in the Bering Sea near Chukotka, Russia, Dec. 13, 2014. The Sam-Bong relieved the Alex Haley crew in the search for missing crewmembers from the sunken fishing vessel 501 Oryong. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Dale Arnould.

International search in the Bering

In a community effort between the Coast Guard, Russian SAR Mission Coordinator, international good Samaritans, South Korean government and the U.S. Air Force, a 4,576 square mile search was conducted for the 60 crewmembers of the capsized South Korean fishing vessel 501 Oryong in the Bering Sea off the coast of the Chukotka in northeast Russia.

SNFS Austin Reed prepares a meal for the crew aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Munro while on patrol in the Bering Sea, Oct. 15, 2014. U.S. Coast Guard photo.

Cookin’ with Coasties: SNFS Austin Reed

One of the newest crewmembers aboard Coast Guard Cutter Munro, a 378-foot high endurance cutter homeported in Kodiak, Alaska, is food specialist Austin Reed. A recent graduate of the Coast Guard’s food service specialist “A” school, Reed is just finding out what it’s like to be part of a team aboard a Coast Guard cutter.

Humble Beginnings: Our Guide, Our Fame and Glory Too

Story by Lt. j.g. Jacob Hauser It’s no secret that the remote, but vibrant, Aleutian city of Unalaska, Alaska, is home to many treasures of Coast Guard lore, yet one of the most prominent would seem unlikely: a piano. This […]

CGC Munro in port Kodiak

Home from the sea: Coast Guard Cutter Murno returns to Kodiak, Alaska

  For the sailor there are two great joys: Going to sea is one. Coming home is the other. Saturday morning, not long after sunrise, fair winds and a flood tide carried the Coast Guard Cutter Munro its mooring in […]

CGC Munro in Adak FEB 2013 600 x 300

A link in the Aleutian Chain: Munro visits Adak

By Lt. j.g. Jacob Hauser Spirits were high in the distant Adreanoff Islands village of Adak Saturday afternoon as students, teachers and parents filled the mess deck of the visiting Kodiak–based Coast Guard Cutter Munro. Munro’s crew provided a cinematic […]

CGC Munro returns to Kodiak following a three-month patrol October 2012

Coast Guard Cutter Munro provides service at sea and on shore

By Lt. j.g. Jacob Hauser Nearly a dozen crew members from the Coast Guard Cutter Munro turned out on Jan. 24 to help with projects at Unalaska City High School and Eagle’s View Elementary School, near the port of Dutch […]

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