The stuff that matters: Holiday boating safety gift ideas

Gift them with a safe return home while on Alaska’s waterways. The gift of safety saves more than money.

Making the save in Whittier, Alaska; Coast Guard Auxiliary to the rescue

It was a calm day on the waters of Passage Canal near Whittier, Alaska, when Bill Reiter and his crew spotted a disabled recreational vessel in the main traffic lane. Reiter and his fellow Coast Guard Auxiliary members, Russ and Cathy Lyday, concerned for the safety of the vessel’s crew, went in for a closer look.

Alaska’s Coast Guard Auxiliary, volunteer lifesavers of The Last Frontier

A runaway 70-foot barge drifts aimlessly across Saginaw Bay near Kuiu Island, Alaska, and a call goes out for the Coast Guard to rein in the rogue raft before it can wreak ruin upon the waterway. Sector Juneau command center […]

Historical Image of Native Alaskan Kayakers courtesy Alutiiq Museum

Boating safety applies to Alaska paddlers, mariners equally

The Alaska Native coastal people who mastered survival in the world’s harshest climate did not shrink from the open ocean — they respected it, lived with it, and made its rich resources an integral part of their tradition. The seagoing […]