Coast Guard celebrates 227 years of service to the Nation

Coast Guard members from across Alaska share why they joined during this Coast Guard Day. Why did you join the Coast Guard?                                     […]

Celebrating the Coast Guard’s 224th birthday on the Last Frontier

This week we celebrate the nation’s oldest continuous armed maritime service: the U.S. Coast Guard. On Jan. 4, 1790, the Second Congress of the United States, meeting in the City of New York put forward an act, “to provide more […]

Unalaska, CGC Munro honors lost shipmates on Coast Guard Day

By Ensign Jacob C. Hauser On the Coast Guard’s 222nd birthday, crewmembers from the Coast guard Cutter Munro worked through a mid-patrol break to honor the memory of former Revenue Cutter sailors. For over a century, sailors conducting a Bering […]

Coast Guard celebrates 222nd birthday

  Story by Caitlin Goettler Boasting a history of 222 years, the Coast Guard will celebrate its birthday on Aug. 4. As one of the oldest federal organizations, the role of the Coast Guard has grown and adjusted with the […]