Know Your 17th District: Enforcement

The state of Alaska is a hotbed of maritime commerce. From the staggeringly large fishing industry to the vital export of petroleum to the growing tourism business, people all around the world rely on and enjoy the bounty that the […]

The High Endurance Life: Law Enforcement Training


St. Mary’s Catholic School visits Coast Guard Cutter Alex Haley

  Keeping a strong relationship with the local community of Kodiak is one of the Alex Haley crew’s most important goals. The crew maintains a busy schedule out at sea as well as in port with inspections, maintenance, and training. […]

The High Endurance Life: Full Throttle Practice

Just below the main deck of the Coast Guard Cutter Morgenthau the thunder of the engineroom can be heard. The roaring machinery, two main gas turbines and two generators, move the cutter through the water and provide power to the […]

Shaking off the ice: Coast Guard begins Arctic Shield 2014 outreach

The Coast Guard 17th District officially ended Arctic Shield 2013 five months ago and settled in for a long Alaskan winter. As traffic through the Bering Sea and Arctic Ocean ground to a halt with the encroaching ice, Coast Guard […]

Know Your 17th District: Incident Management

“You never know what’s going to happen when that phone rings,” said Lt. Sara Morin, a command duty officer with the Coast Guard 17th District. Responding to the unexpected is a way of life in the command center, the communication […]

Resolve to be Ready

When a person signs on to become a Coast Guardsman, it comes with the responsibility to be Semper Paratus, always ready, always prepared. This dedication to preparedness for come-what-may is built into every aspect of life in the Coast Guard, […]

Fighting fire, breaking ice

  “Now, the Coast Guard Cutter Healy has entered a training environment,” boomed a disembodied voice over the intercom system. “All events will be drills unless otherwise stated.” That’s the only hint the crew needed. They were poised for something; […]

Adm. Papp continues Arctic outreach

Written by Cmdr. Rick Wester. Despite snowfall in the North Slope of Alaska last week and cooler than average temperatures all summer, Arctic sea ice extent tracked well below average again this year. This ongoing transformation of the Arctic Ocean […]

Boating safety for a busy season

  An armada of dreary clouds hangs over Auke Bay, Alaska. Only a hint of blue cuts through the grey curtain hung loosely between the mountain peaks framing the sea. The conditions seem tailored to deter mariners, but the hustle […]

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