>A Visit From the Alex Haley

> The isolation of the unit was broken by a visit of CGC Alex Haley and surprise HH-65 rides for the crew. The suspense started the day before when rumors of a surprise from Mr. Todd circulated around the station. […]

>Preparing for Winter

>The work in preparation for winter has slowly secured, at least all that we have the time to do. It has been a long and busy run of constant work since Mr. Todd took command. Now we finally have some […]

>A Unique Life

>The life here at Port Clarence is as unique as our geographical location is. Along with the challenges of being here are the awards received for serving at our arctic station. Every member that serves 21 consecutive days will receive […]

>Inspections and Community Service

> Port Clarence Bay looking Torward Teller. A week of preparation, Inspections and Community Service. Along with the weather turning towards a winter trend made this week fairly stressful and eventful. Chain Operations Control Officer LTJR Robert Rue, came to […]

>Promotions, Awards and People

>The most important thing here at Port Clarence, other than maintaining the signal, are the people. The people create the social environment we strive for, and make the experience worthwhile. Speaking of people, Bryant Stephens got his crows. We said […]

>The Wildlife of Summer

>The most incredible thing about the Alaskan summer here is not just the sunny days and ability to get outside, but the abundance of wildlife that surrounds us. This included the marmots, musk ox, caribou, duck, foxes and other assorted […]

>Coast Guard Day

>August 4th 1790, Alexander Hamilton commissioned the first ten cutters to become the Revenue Cutter Service. After 219 years and many evolutions, the world knows the modern day Coast Guard. We still celebrate August 4th as our service’s birthday. In […]

>Change of Command

>The change of Command Ceremony is secured and we officially have a new commanding officer. CWO Roger S. Todd relieved CWO Mathew T. Boyle. The day threw some curveballs, but we found a way to deal with the weather. The […]

>Welcome to Loran Station Port Clarence

>Welcome to Loran Station Port Clarence, our isolated mansion just south of the Arctic circle and just north of Nome, Ak. It has been a busy month with the fueling evolution, Change of Command, a visit from CEU Juneau and […]

>Loran Station Port Clarence

>USCG LORAN Station Port Clarence was originally built in 1961 and underwent a major renovation in 1987. It is located approximately 80 miles northwest of Nome, 75 miles south of the Arctic Circle and 85 miles east of Siberia. About […]