Coast Guard Research and Development Center tests Ice Radar Navigation System during Arctic deployment

ALASKA – With its ever-changing ice conditions, the Arctic can be a difficult area to navigate. Seasonal and other shifts in the amount of ice passing through the region require sensitive equipment for vessels to transit safely and, as part […]

Coast Guard Arctic Craft Project looks to older technologies to tackle new challenges in Arctic

ALASKA – As defenders of U.S. marine resources and protectors of lives on the water, the Coast Guard must be always ready for action wherever the nation’s soil meets the sea. That includes the frigid water along the shores of […]

Coast Guard, Marine Exchange of Alaska partner to build next generation of Arctic navigation and safety information system

NOME, Alaska – Between the rough seas, weather and ice the Arctic Ocean can be a dangerous place for navigation. Mariners who plied its waters in the past had little to rely on but radio traffic and a keen eye […]

Coast Guard Research and Development Center tests Arctic communications modeling aboard Coast Guard Cutter Healy

One of the unique challenges of operating in the Arctic is staying in touch. With enormous distances involved in traveling to high latitudes and the sparse population, communications is a challenge. Traditional radio circuits such as Very High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency require that the communicants be within radio line of sight with each other, which is why transmitters are frequently placed on radio towers, allowing VHF and UHF communications up to tens of miles.

Coast Guard Cutter Healy travels new waters of discovery

SEWARD, Alaska – The name “Healy” carries a lot of history in Alaska and the Arctic. It was Capt. Michael “Roaring Mike” Healy who spent 20 years as judge, doctor and policeman to Alaskan natives as a member of the […]

Coast Guard Research and Development Center teams with partner agencies for Arctic awareness

SEWARD, Alaska – For a second year, members of the Coast Guard Research and Development Center, based in New London, Connecticut, make their way to the large ice floes of the Arctic Ocean to conduct research and test new equipment […]