Coast Guard Lt. Rven Garcia, a fishing vessel examiner for Sector Anchorage, Alaska, prepares to board a fishing vessel in Port Moller, near Cold Bay June 5, 2015. Coast Guard personnel from the Sector Anchorage prevention department became the first Coast Guardsmen to conduct exams in Port Moller when they visited June 2-5. U.S. Coast Guard photo provided by USCG Sector AnchorageInline

A harbor less anchored; Coast Guard vessel examiners pay first visit to Port Moller’s Gentleman’s Fleet

Located approximately 100 miles northeast of Cold Bay, Port Moller is home to the “Gentleman’s Fleet,” a flotilla of approximately 40 fishing vessels whose crews travel to the port from all over the U.S. to harvest red and silver salmon every summer. The fleet takes its name from a cordial working relationship cultivated by several generations of crews looking out for one another while fishing out of the port, but that doesn’t mean these princes of the Alaska Peninsula welcomed the Coast Guard with open arms.

Ensign Jessica Stock and Lt. j.g. Victoria Swinghamer, boarding officers from Coast Guard Sector Anchorage, Alaska, conduct a safety inspection in near Whittier, May 23, 2015. Personnel from Sector Anchorage and Station Valdez patrolled the waters near Whittier to enforce safety over the Memorial Day weekend. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Ensign Kim Jenish)

Safety in season

To promote safety precautions, Coast Guard personnel from Sector Anchorage and Station Valdez visited the local community to educate boaters and conduct safety inspections during Memorial Day weekend.

Final voyage from the Last Frontier; Coast Guard Cutter Long Island departs Alaska after 23 years of Coast Guard service

It was a comfortable 48 degrees in Valdez, Alaska, the day the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Long Island departed from their home pier as calm seas and light showers welcomed them into Prince William Sound one last time.

After 23 years of service in the Coast Guard, the Long Island was setting out on its final voyage, a journey from its homeport of the last 12 years to the Coast Guard’s shipyard in Baltimore, Md.

School’s in session for Coast Guard Sector Anchorage law enforcement academy

Warm weather and only slightly less freezing waters are sure signs that summer has once again returned to Alaska and for the Coast Guard that usually means business is about to pick up. The return of the midnight sun means the return of recreational boaters and the potential for trouble which is why Coast Guard members from Sector Anchorage met April 13-17 to hone the skills they’ll need to safely conduct boarding operations throughout the busy season.

Women’s History Month: “Coast Guard Mary” offers warm food, heart to Dutch Harbor, Alaska, Coast Guard

Near the top of the world and 600 miles from any major shipping ports, is the Alaskan town of Unalaska, home to U.S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment Dutch Harbor. The seven-man crew of MSD Dutch Harbor is responsible forregulatoryoversightandenforcementofvessel,facilityandwaterwayfederallawsandregulations andmanagessafetyenforcementforthelargestfishingportintheUnitedStates, but they couldn’t do it without a little support. Fortunately for them, they have “Coast Guard Mary.”

Sector Anchorage, Alaska, Reserve Petty Officer named USCG 17th District 2014 Reserve Enlisted Petty Officer of the Year

The Coast Guard 17th District 2013 Reserve Enlisted Petty Officer of the Year is Petty Officer 3rd Class Joseph Harwell, a Panama City, Fla., native serving as a maritime enforcement specialist at Sector Anchorage, Alaska.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Coast Guard members from around Alaska share their New Year’s resolutions for 2015.

What is your Holiday Wish?

Coast Guard members from Sector Anchorage, Alaska, share good cheer and hopes for the holidays.

Coast Guard members give their thanks…

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Coast Guard members from throughout Sector Anchorage decided to share what they are most thankful for this year…

Response training on the Last Frontier

Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and city of Unalaska personnel participated in Aleutians PREP Exercise 2014 in Unalaska, Alaska, Sept. 24-25, 2014. Aleutians PREP Exercise 2014 is a full-scale, government-led, multi-agency exercise designed to evaluate the capabilities of federal, state and local responders.

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