Humble Beginnings: Our Guide, Our Fame and Glory Too

Story by Lt. j.g. Jacob Hauser It’s no secret that the remote, but vibrant, Aleutian city of Unalaska, Alaska, is home to many treasures of Coast Guard lore, yet one of the most prominent would seem unlikely: a piano. This […]

CGC Munro in port Kodiak

Home from the sea: Coast Guard Cutter Murno returns to Kodiak, Alaska

  For the sailor there are two great joys: Going to sea is one. Coming home is the other. Saturday morning, not long after sunrise, fair winds and a flood tide carried the Coast Guard Cutter Munro its mooring in […]

CGC Munro returns to Kodiak following a three-month patrol October 2012

Coast Guard Cutter Munro provides service at sea and on shore

By Lt. j.g. Jacob Hauser Nearly a dozen crew members from the Coast Guard Cutter Munro turned out on Jan. 24 to help with projects at Unalaska City High School and Eagle’s View Elementary School, near the port of Dutch […]

On the front lines of safety

From the East Coast to the West Coast and up to the frigid waters of Alaska, fishermen brave the elements to deliver the sea’s bounty to supermarket shelves and dinner tables. There are fisheries year-round in Alaska, and some of […]

Unalaska, CGC Munro honors lost shipmates on Coast Guard Day

By Ensign Jacob C. Hauser On the Coast Guard’s 222nd birthday, crewmembers from the Coast guard Cutter Munro worked through a mid-patrol break to honor the memory of former Revenue Cutter sailors. For over a century, sailors conducting a Bering […]

Cutter Rush lends a hand in Dutch Harbor

The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Rush is continuing to build their relationship with the community of Unalaska during their mid-patrol break. Seventeen volunteers bundled up and headed over to the Unalaska Senior Center to help dig out the citizens after […]

UNALASKA, Alaska - A Coast Guard Cutter Sherman crewmember and an Unalaska Boy Scout stand at attention ready to lower and raise the National Ensign during a ceremony at the Bering Sea Patrol Monument at Mermorial Park in Unalaska Dec. 11, 2011. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Seaman Garrett Bockness.

Honoring the service of Bering Sea Patrol sailors

By Ensign Christopher Tarbell Coast Guard Cutter Sherman crewmembers and Boy Scouts participated in a ceremony replacing the weathered flags at the Bering Sea Patrol Monument at Memorial Park in Unalaska, Alaska, Dec. 11, 2011. During the ceremony the Boy […]