Mike and Opal Oliver, both Coast Guard veterans, pose for a photo.

Veterans Day 2015: The Olivers

There are some throughout the U.S. who have had the privilege of growing up with a veteran for a parent, while others have had the true fortune of dual-active duty parents. Twice the veterans, twice the sea stories.

San Francisco Examiner

Veterans Day 2015: The Rescue Pilot

When we left off, Coast Guard Lt. Robert “Rip” Emerson was asking Adm. Chester W. Nimitz for appointment to fighter pilot school.

Veterans Day 2015: The Beach Master

Emerson’s first of many tests as a beach master came in the United States’ first combat engagement on the Atlantic front. For the uninitiated, the beach master’s role is to direct incoming landing craft onto shore during an assault. It’s a job that can only be accomplished by getting there first.

Senior Chief Petty Officer (Ret.) Willy Bethea poses for a photo aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Munro. Beathea served 28 years in the Coast Guard before retiring in Kodiak, Alaska.

Veterans Day 2015: SCPO (Ret.) Willy Bethea

We are very rare breed of people, that’s something that I’ve really learned about people in the military. We do whatever we have to do as a team.”