Veterans Day 2015: CWO (Ret.) Darrel Howells II

Every year on November 11, Americans honor and thank their military veterans. Veterans Day celebrates those who committed to protecting and serving their country.

Darrel Howells II made that commitment when he joined the Coast Guard in March of 1983 in Boise, Idaho.

Veterans Day 2015: Memories of a three war-veteran

Henry “Hal” Eaton Farrar was born in Little Rock, Ark., in 1926 to a family of farmers and ranchers. His father was a veterinarian who trained and cared for horses used in World War I and Farrar grew strong through hard work and long days on the family farm. Always big for his age, Farrar left the Georgia Military Academy to enlist with the Navy at the age of 17 and, with World War II in full swing, he reported to the Pacific theater to fight the Japanese.