>Mission Complete (Monday June 14th) – Made it to the Bridge!

> Our mission is now complete – we made it back to the bridge! What a fantastic trip full of adventure, laughs, challenges, mosquitos, beautiful scenery, amazing people, and lots of learning for all involved. Overall the trip was a […]

>Last Campsite of the Trip


>Last Village of the Trip – Rampart (Sunday June 13th)

> Our last village of the trip, Rampart met us with a great surprise. Because fishing season had not begun and most of the village was out of town working a spill at Pump Station 9, we only expected a […]

>Fishing Season is Upon Us!!


>More Life on the Yukon


>Life Underway


>Ruby (Saturday June 12th)

> Welcome to Ruby! Our boats were met at the river bank by a large group of adults and children waiting for Coastie’s arrival. Among those in the reception party, was Emmitt Peters (pictured), also known as the “Yukon Fox”, […]

>Kids Don’t Float

> Very excited to see state sponsored “Kids Don’t Float” stations set up in every village we visited. The program allows children, who may not otherwise have a life jacket, to borrow one from the board.

>Koyukuk (Friday 11 June)

> As we left Kaltag, the clouds in the sky darkened and the rain began. Luckily, by the time we arrived in camp, it cleared long enough for us to eat our meal of pulled pork, rice, and corn on […]

>Kaltag (Thursday, June 10)

>What a wonderfully smart group of children in Kaltag! We learned alot today about boating safety in not only the river, but the lake up the way as well. All of the children that came to visit Coastie own their own […]

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